Boppy Pillow for BBL and Any Kind of Buttock Surgery Recovery

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Boppy pillows for BBL

The use of Boppy pillows for BBL certainly sounds funny to some people. However, if you have just had surgery on the buttocks like BBL, of course it can’t be underestimated. Brazilian Butt Lifting (BBL) along with butt augmentation surgery is the type of plastic surgery that’s mostly done in the USA. If you do this surgery, you are advised to rest your body and not doing strenuous activities, like doing sport and workout. Besides, you also need to adjust the sitting and sleeping position during recovery.

There are special pillows available on the market for those who just had buttock surgery. However, the price is fairly expensive and it will only be used for several weeks, so many people prefer a Boppy pillow. Boppy is sold as a pillow to help nursing the babies, such as supporting the baby while breastfeeding, playing, and even a special pillow for napping. However, because of the shape and the soft material that can offload pressure from the buttock to the thighs, this pillow is considered the best choice.

During the healing process, patients are usually advised not to sit on the buttocks directly for a month after BBL. If you have to sit long enough like driving, you should use cushion or Boppy as the BBL pillow for driving to reduce pressure. After doing BBL, if you don’t feel like using a normal pillow, you can choose Boppy pillow for BBL treatment because there are several types of Boppy that you can use. Here they are.


Ordinary One

This Boppy pillow is the first U-shape pillow to be introduced (about 25 years ago). This one is preferred because of its shape that matches the buttocks. Moreover, the material is easily washed. This pillow is also easy to find and has an affordable price.


Nursing Pillow

The main function of this pillow is actually to breastfeed the baby. Therefore, it is less suitable to be used as pillow for the treatment of BBL because the shape does not fit with your back. However, the material is quite hard if you want to sit on the floor.


Eco-Friendly Bobby Pillow

This pillow has a function that’s almost the same as the regular Bobby pillow. The difference lies in breathable eco-friendly material used. Besides, the design is better and can be washed. If you like natural things, this bobby might be suitable for you to use as the bobby pillow for BBL treatment.

Knowing the Details and Features of Boppy Pillow for BBL

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boppy pillow for bbl

It is good alternative to have boppy pillow for bbl. After you get Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you will need some time for recovery. In this period of recovery, there is some prevention to do and one of them is to sit down. It is important to do in order to make sure that the surgery will be recovered effectively and there will be no pain. That is why sitting is restriction for your first month after surgery.

However, it is impossible if you have to lay your back every time. There will be time when you want to sit down. Moreover, you will need to sit down for some activities, at least when you are going to eat or do your work. In this case, even if it is not recommended to sit down, there are some tricks, and one of them is to use special pillow dedicated for BBL. You are able to find in many online retails. However, it will be useless if you only use it for a month. That is why boppy pillow can be good alternative. There are some reasons of choosing boppy pillow for bbl.


Boppy pillow is usually used for nursery. It is dedicated for baby. This will help the baby to sleep or lay the body comfortably. Because it is for baby, it can be guaranteed that it has soft material. It is not only about the soft surface, but it also has soft filler. The filler is also thick enough so it gives good to ease the pressure.

Because of the characteristic, you are able to choose boppy pillow for bbl. This is good alternative for your recovery. It is better to choose it since you may need the pillow also when you have baby, so you will not only use the pillow only during your recovery.  


After it talks about the material and its softness, it also has good shape. It has shape like alphabet C and somehow this is good for your BBL recovery. You will be able to sit down comfortably on it. Even, you are able to find some kinds of sitting position since it is quite comfortable and the shape is helpful.

Those are some reasons that make the boppy pillow good alternative for your recovery. This will be effective since you are still going to need to the pillow. Then, it can be more affordable compared to the pillow dedicated for BBL recovery. In case you do not want to sit on it, you still can use it for other positions, such as for sleeping since the boppy pillow is also used by mother after they get labor. Surely, it is fine to use boppy pillow for bbl.

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