Black Pearl Leathered Granite and the Things You Should Know before Ordering One

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Know Steel Gray Leathered Granite Pros and Cons before Purchasing It

Would you like to put black pearl leathered granite on your countertop surface? Using a leathered granite has been on the rise these days, especially if you are going to remodel the bathroom or kitchen countertops. Black pearl is one popular color since it offers an elegant look to the countertop surface – despite many other color choices such as gray and pink. Moreover, with granite as the main material used, it will bring your home better values and look.


Reason why to choose leathered granite

Leathered granite is one of many finish options which offers you a matte and textured look. Despite being the popular finish to be used on outdoor areas, this striking finish isn’t exempt from being an option to enhance the look of modern kitchens and bathrooms. The placement is also based on its stain-resistant feature too, which is better from another type of finish – the honed one.


Pros and Cons

Leathered granite for your kitchen or bathroom will gain you some advantages and drawbacks – just like any things in life.

  1. Pros
    – Unique texture unlike other types of finishes – and it can also be considered as contemporary.
    – Thanks to its textured finish, fingerprints and smudges are easily hidden.
    – Stain resistance feature. It is better than honed finished but less resistant if compared to the polished finish.
    – Leathered granite enhances the stone’s natural color, which commonly comes in white, black, pink, etc. Black pearl will be another color that comes natural in leathered granite.
  2. Cons
    – Accidental scratches and chips in the stone are easily noticed.
    – These reliefs make the cleaning trickier.
    – Matte finish means it isn’t reflective granite; hence it may create a ‘narrow room’ impression.


How to take care of the leathered granite

Your black pearl leathered granite doesn’t need that intense care to make it stands out amazingly. Proper and routine cleaning, as well as careful handling of things that may cause chips or accidental scratches while putting them on top of the granite should help to make your leathered granite stays well. Resealing is another trick to make the leathered granite looks good. Interestingly, if compared to other finish type, especially with the honed finish, you will need less resealing.


Cleaning the leathered granite

Send the smudges and stains away from the granite by using warm water and soap. Although in this type of finish you’ll face more difficulties, cleaning a leathered finish is easier than honed finish. Remove dirt and crumbs with hand brooms. By doing these tricks routinely, your black pearl leathered granite countertops can still look best even in years to come.

That’s a little bit information about the leathered granite. Elegant and beautiful, who doesn’t want to have it inside the house? Moreover, black pearl leathered granite can be used in many places like bathroom, kitchen, and even in outdoor areas.

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