Bistro Bar Stool Buying Guide: How to Determine the Style, Features, and Height

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Bistro Bar Stool Buying Guide

Bistro bar stool is an ideal seating solution to go if you want one for your home, but only have such a limited space to place them inside. Not only it is an amazing space saving idea, but it also adds certain aesthetic for any homeowners’ interior designs. The list below will help you to walk through the French bistro bar stool to give your home “Parisian” feeling in the casual dining and coffee break area.

The style of bar stools

The stools come in various different material, style, and color that you can imagine. If you opt for the French style, it mostly made from wooden material with ornate or carving details, modern and sleek stainless steel, strong and sturdy cast iron, or aluminum.

Measuring how much space you have is the best way to determine suitable material. Try to visualize if your pick of bar stool material will be amazing in it. For example, sleek material would look great in contemporary designed space, while wooden material is more fitted for traditional looking space.


The features to get and look for in bar stools

The features that you determine for the seating solution will affect the use and the cost of the furnishing itself. Some bar stools come with backrest and armrest, so they felt comfortable for lounging and sitting, also for outdoor areas. Some are designed with swivel function, which is wonderful if you were to place it at space for conversing.

The best bistro bar stool in French style will not only prioritize the form, but also its function. It’s not recommended to get a very visually pleasing ones but uncomfortable to be used by the users. Take some time to do research before you make a buying decision, with all the options in the market to filter your selections.


The height of bar stools

Height is an essential aspect for any bar stool. First, you have to consider the placement. The surface that you use to eat and drink is a good factor to determine how tall you need the stools to be. Keep in mind that a bar stool’s height is not determined by the total height, but instead only the seat height. For a table with 41-43” heights, the seat height in 29-32” will match just fine.

Now you can make a choice more easily by considering all the mentioned aspects in the list above. Bistro bar stool adds more than a space to sit, but also to the decoration of your room so make sure you get the best out of it.

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