Bilco Doors Installation Costs and Tips on How to Save Some Money on It

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Bilco Doors Installation Costs and Tips on How to Save Some Money on It

Bilco doors installation process allows you to achieve wide opening that leads into the basement area, in case you’re interested in using this part of the house as to store large items like patio and deck furniture so they can be moved in and out of the basement easily. These doors have met 2021 International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for emergency escape and rescue openings.

These days, a lot of basement owners are trying to convert this space into a more beneficial area beyond merely providing comfort. Transforming basement offers an opportunity to increase the amount of livable space of a home, such as home offices, entertainment areas, or in-law suites.

Now, before getting further into the Bilco doors installation details, let’s discuss about the manufacturing company first. Established as a Connecticut-based steel and iron company in 1926, the history of Bilco started when the Lyons family hatched an idea of utilizing steel material instead of wood for basement doors. Still maintaining its Connecticut headquarters more than 90 years later, the company now stands as a leading company in the basement doors manufacturing industry. Their door and window products for basement area offer ventilation, light, and code-obeying emergency egress with unmatched quality and design. Whether your basement is located in an even or sloped area, there’s always available an array of material and finish options for you.

Installing Bilco doors, in average, costs roughly $500 to $700. It largely depends on the size and type of the door, with size O being the cheapest and size C being the priciest. Adding up the cost of professional labor, the total installation can go up to $2,000 to more than $5,000. Other factor that may affect the labor cost is the circumstances and the amount of work required. For instance, adding the stairs or cutting into an already existed foundation can significantly impact the budget you need to put out.

There are some ways you can cut the needed expenses of these costs, such as opting for powder-coated door so you can eliminate painting process. The option of powder-coated Bilco doors is available in almost all door sizes it provides.

Another way you can cut down the installation cost is by going down the DIY route. You can tackle the Bilco doors installation project on your own by following a video guide or if you are confident with your skill and experience, instead of hiring a professional contactor.

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