Benefits of Using Hardwood Floor Spline

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Hardwood Floor Spline

Hardwood installation will make your home interior looks more appealing. After you decided to install hardwood flooring, you might stumble across specific term such as hardwood floor spline. In hardwood flooring installation, spline is a simple strip of hardwood. Despite its simple appearance, this particular piece of wood has huge benefit. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefit you can get from it and how to make one.

The hardwood floor spline is installed between two wood planks. One side of two middle planks are carved in indented manner. The depth of this indentation is half of the spline width. The application of this spline allows you to install the wood planks from both sides of the floor. It will be extremely helpful particularly when you have large floor to cover.

The placement of hardwood floor spline makes it needs to bear pressure from both directions. It means that if the strip of wood is not strong enough, it will break apart easily. To make it stronger, you do not have to use different type of wood. The spline cutting technique is the key to its strength. Contrary to the hardwood planks that are cut by following the grain, spline is cut in cross grain. This will give the strip extra strength.


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