Whalen Bbxl54nv with Modern Design and Feature for Versatile TV Stand

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Bbxl54nv with Modern Design and Feature for Versatile TV Stand

The best TV stand can do almost many things that you may find on bbxl54nv. This product is dedicated for modern multimedia room. You can add this furniture in any place, such as the game room, living room, bedroom, even in your office. The features, design, and material support everything that people must have when relying on the TV stand. More features are the capabilities that will be explained at the following list.

Versatile TV stand

Classic TV stand is like a tabletop that you put the television in straight configuration. New stand can make the swivel position to be in right or left side. On the other side, you often see the mounted flat TV on the wall. People can watch directly with no TV stand, shelves, or desk. Three options for TV position are what you get from this product. It is versatile TV stand, which means you can mount it on the wall and add few connected appliances. The rest of positions are swivel and table ones.

This stand is mostly for flat TV. It can hold up to 65-inch screen. You may install big and wide television. There is no issue for holding that one. Moreover, the maximum weight for TV is approximately 135 lbs. Most of small televisions have the weight less than 100 lbs. Of course, the bigger one has more weight but it is not an issue in this stand.


Shelves and material

Bbxl54nv is not just the stand for TV. You can see layers for shelves that useful for extra devices, such as the game console, multimedia player, speaker, or anything. You can put them and connect into television. One good thing about those shelves is the structure that can hide the cable and wire. You will not see any random cable from them. All installations will be in tight and close configuration. The shelves are high quality that can withstand any object and appliance as long as they are compatible to your television. Those features are what you get when having this product.


Easy assemble

Whalen 3-in-1 TV stand is available at nearby store. You can purchase it via online marketplace and just wait for it at home. After the package is received, you can assemble the stands and shelves. Manual book will help to find the right position and composition while assembling. You don’t have to worry because this product is easy to assemble.

The design and features are dedicated for people who enjoy watching TV and gaming. This TV stand has all supports and features you need. The design, capability, material, and support are in the top level. Those are the things you find in bbxl54nv.

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