Backer Board Waterproofing to Cover the Wall from Moisture and Water

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backer board waterproofing

You need backer board waterproofing in the bathroom, especially shower area. This procedure will protect the wall from direct water spill and excess moisture. The main capability is as water repellant which maintains the integrity of the cement under the waterproofing. You can do this easily with the proper cover.

Waterproofing and water resistant

Before exploring this topic, you should understand the difference between waterproofing and water resistant. Both sound the same, but have relatively different definition and approach. Waterproofing is the procedure to add extra layer on the outer wall or floor even the object. It is necessary and important when the main layer does not have water-resistant. If you have wooden wall, the waterproof layer is definitely requirement as protection. It is also applicable for cement with less density. Moreover, the water resistant level is low. From this point, you know that water resistant is about capability to withstand water.


Bathroom and wet room

Backer board waterproofing is usually applied in the bathroom or shower. You may consider adding this one in the garage or workshop. Any place considered as wet room must have additional layer on the wall and floor for waterproofing. It includes the backer board where it might not last longer if you do not protect the outer properly.

backer board waterproofing

Material and durability

Before using waterproof cover, you should check the material capability. Some of cement are designed and developed with specific compound to repel the water. It is the right choice for waterproofing. After that, you should consider durability. It is the most important thing because the result should last longer at least more than five years. With excellent cover, your wall is in the good condition. The only one with depraved issue is the cover. That’s why the material is necessary to be durable.


Installation and cost

Adding water cover is not difficult task. Firstly, you should clean all debris and dust, including dirt and stain on the wall. Make sure the surface is completely dry. You should attach and check the balance. The instruction is available in the manual book. If you need more helps, ask professional about waterproof backer board for shower and others. The cost depends on the quality of material.

From above explanation, you know the things about waterproofing on backer board. It is practical thing to do for bathroom and shower area. Moreover, you may install backer board waterproofing on your own.

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