Baby Appleseed Davenport Specifications and Features

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Baby Appleseed Davenport Specifications and Features

If you are looking for Baby Appleseed Davenport online, then most likely you are expecting parents looking for a baby crib for your soon-to-be-born little one. Baby Appleseed is known for being a baby crib manufacturer, and Davenport is one of their baby cribs. Keep in mind that Baby Appleseed is not only producing baby cribs, though.

Below is the specification of Baby Appleseed Davenport baby crib:


The Davenport crib is crafted from sustainable American polar hardwood. With no moving parts available on the crib, you should not worry about its safety.


Dimensions and weights

The overall dimensions are 50.75” height, 61.75” length, and 34” width. One side of the baby crib is made especially for the headboard, large sized. With such graceful curves, elegance is now not only for adults. The crib’s weight is around 108 lbs.


Available colors

Lucky you, this baby crib come in several colors that boost up its elegance. The colors offered are much suitable for minimalist houses, and as we said it before – it gives this simplicity all-combined with elegance.

The crib is available in 5 minimalist colors:

  • Espresso
  • Moon gray
  • Morning mist
  • Pure white
  • Slate

While looking for it online, you may find there is a Davenport crib with almond and willow color. Those cute colors are usually made limited, so it you want to have a crib with any of these two colors, it’s best to put your order quick when it’s available.


  • The crib is convertible; meaning that the 4-side baby crib can be modified to make a day bed, toddler bed, and even a twin/full sized bed for your kid.
  • Along with the purchase, you will get a guard rail as well, especially if you want to make the crib as your toddler’s bed later.
  • The mattress height can be adjusted, but mattress isn’t included along with the purchase.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs. So, it can be used until your kid aged 3-4 years old.
  • There is under-crib, two-compartment storage drawer. Perfect to store your baby’s needs so that you don’t have to juggle here and there just to take something. Diapers, to mention one.



Although the official website of Baby Appleseed doesn’t include price on their Davenport page, if you search it up on several other websites, Baby Appleseed Davenport price does range. The price ranges around $630.00-$700.00 depending on the store you are going. The price can be lower as well.

So, what do you think about this Davenport baby crib? As this Baby Appleseed Davenport baby crib is a convertible one, it is a good pick that may help your wallet free from further expenses.

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