Accordion Shutters Cost for Material and Installment to Improve Your House

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Accordion Shutters Cost for Material and Installment to Improve Your House

Doing research on how much accordion shutters cost might be necessary if you live in area that susceptible to hurricanes and storms. These items act as the first defense line of fighting damaging winds, because they help to filter out and prevent debris to fly through your windows during storms.

Accordion style is the shutters type that unfolds through the windows to shield it. This style is suitable for picture windows and sliding glass doors. The structure itself is consisted of courses of linked small panels through metal tracks, which makes them robust and durable.

This shutters type has vertical blades that allow you to set it up over windows with any length and width. It is also possible to choose to install them to roll to any side or from the center. This system of roller carriage enables you to easily assemble and dissemble it, even if it is done by only one person. Accordion shutters can be secured and locked. Moreover, they are space-friendly because they don’t need extra storage.

Now, let’s move to the accordion shutters cost. You may need to spend around $15 – $30 / sq ft, The cost figure per sq ft represents shutters required for a single window sized 24 x 42 inch, which cost you around $105 – $210. Accordion shutters from aluminum material are the priciest compared to others, as it can cost up to $30 / sq ft. The reason why aluminum is expensive is because this material has lightweight yet strong quality. Meanwhile, the labor cost is around $45 – $100 every seven sq ft installment, which roughly takes about one hour to get done.

Despite the costly figure, accordion shutters installment will benefit you by increasing the property’s resale value significantly. It showcases to the potential buyer that the building is being taken care of well by displaying maintenance of security and safety aspects, especially if it is located in hurricane zone. Accordion shutters installment provides you with approximately 50% return on investment. So, for example, $4,000 worth of accordion shutters installation cost will provide $2,000 return.

It is recommended to opt for professional installation, in order to ensure that it can give optimal protection during the storm. The contractor of hurricane shutter will perform the work according to the code and confirm that the work is done as it is intended to be. Their expertise may make the accordion shutters cost increases, but it also means that you don’t compromise with the protection of your house.

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