4x4x8 Pressure Treated Fence Posts and How to Pick the Best One

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4x4x8 Pressure Treated Fence Posts and How to Pick the Best One

Using 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts is very common when it comes to making fences, patio, pathway for gardens and many more. Pressure treated woods are just the best one to use these days as they have the proper ability to stand strong for a long time, even for outdoor usage. You can figure out about the wooden posts on the information below.


Choose the Right Type of Wood’

The first thing that you have to do is basically making sure that you pick the right type of wood. The 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts cost you a lot of money when it comes to high quality wood like oak. Oak is the strongest type of wood to be used in this usage range. It helps giving you a sturdy structure of the fence and other stuff in the backyard.


Choose the Best Types of Pressure Treatment

In choosing 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts, you need to consider the pressure treatment itself. There are three of them: ACQ, MCQ, and CA (copper azole). You should choose the MCQ as it is the most sophisticated one. It can protect the wood from fungal and insects. It also minimizes the moisture absorption of the wood and hence making the wood stays sturdy for a long, long time.


Choose Posts with Waterproof Feature

The most essential thing to do here is to make sure that the posts are waterproof. The outer layer of the post must be protected by something to avoid the wood to get rot so easily. The waterproof feature is usually like a layer of coating to seal the pores of the wood so that moisture won’t get absorbed by the wood.


Choose Posts with the Right Weight

The common weight of posts of this size is like 38 pounds per piece. You should not buy posts that are too heavy because it will basically collapse so easily and it won’t give you the long-term result as you have expected before.

It is now clear that you can do the DIY fence building or anything else in the backyard by choosing the right woods and posts. You can really do anything right when the posts are in high quality and that it will keep you from away from building anything crappy. That is why using the right type of 4x4x8 pressure treated fence posts is pretty much everything here.

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