40 Foot Pole Barn Trusses Build Plan: Wood vs. Steel Material, Which One is Better?

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40 Foot Pole Barn Trusses Build Plan

You can build 40 foot pole barn trusses using wood or steel. Wood and steel are the most widely used materials in the construction of trusses. Between the two, which one is the best for your 40 ft truss plans? In the past, wood is a material that’s always used, but now steel is increasingly in demand as an alternative material. Barn with a height of 40 feet is not that high, so you might be confused between using wood or steel as the main material for the truss. By looking at the comparison between wood and steel in three ways, maybe you can decide which material to use.


The Sturdiness

Like other natural materials, wooden trusses tend to be easily porous and susceptible to termite attacks. Indeed, there are sturdier types, such as teak. However, you need to pay more, considering the price of this material is not cheap. In contrast to steel trusses, this material is more resistant to termites, fire resistant, and not even easy to rust, especially if you choose steel made of Zinium, which has been proven to be sturdy. Because of the homogeneity of the elements of Aluminum and Zinc, Zinium is able to withstand corrosion better than other products.


The Price

Besides its sturdiness, the price can also be one factor that’s often considered in choosing steel or wood for 40 foot pole barn trusses. In this case, actually before its availability was running low, the price of wood was cheaper than steel. However, in recent years, the opposite has happened. Meanwhile, the price of steel can be said to be more affordable because for some time, it is easy to find.


The Installation

No one knows when disaster will strike. When faced with this situation, you may not have an emergency fund for these expenses. However, there are a number of considerations that need to be carefully considered. If the remaining wooden truss is still sturdy enough, you can simply replace some of the damaged materials. Conversely, if the condition is severe, and it must be replaced completely, steel is a wise choice. This is because steel is easy and quick to install. Usually for 40 foot trusses, a builder alone can do it in about 3 days. After knowing both the advantages and disadvantages of each material, which material you will choose for your 40 foot pole barn trusses?

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