383EEL9001B: The Factory Produced Kit for Dryer’s Exhaust Ven

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Owner of LG dryer might be required to purchase 383EEL9001B kit at certain time because their dryer gets broken or the parts need to be renewed. It might also because in their new dryer is not equipped with additional venting part. If you want your dryer to work as you wish it to be, then you need to purchase this product.

Many users are utilizing this tool to create side venting. As you can see, most dryer will have the vent located in certain spots, particularly in the rear part. To some homeowners, this placement is not exactly ideal. They might want to change it to other spots. Thus, you need to buy venting it in order to establish hot air ventilation for your dryer. The case is especially happens for people who install their dryers inside cabinet. You do not want to hot air to accumulate at the back for several reasons.

383EEL9001B kit

The 383EEL9001B kit is needed in order to establish this venting platform. You should always by the original kit that is labeled by manufacturer. It is to ensure that the contents of your kit would fit perfectly with your dryer parts. Another reason is because you can get guarantee for the quality of your purchased kit if it is produced by the manufacturer. Material used for this kit’s contents is heavy gauge steel. It is going to last longer. Meanwhile, if you are purchasing counterfeit products, you might not get such high quality material for your venting kit. Although, of course, you are likely get cheaper price offerings from non-genuine product.

The kit contains several parts, including LG dryer vent elbow. You will also get pipes in the kit as platform for hot air from your dryer. If you are not experienced, you should definitely hire a professional electrician to install the kit safely for you. You should be able to find one easily within your area. Installing the kit by yourself might lead to some irreversible damages that lead the dryer as useless. Thus, you should never try to install it on your own, if you do not have prior knowledge and sufficient skills. There are several other materials that need to be prepared when installing the kit in your dryer too, such as tape joints.

This kit will help you getting appropriate functioning for your dryer, as many users have reported that exhaust vent placement is the reason for inconvenience when using it. You should note that only several dryer models that would suit 383EEL9001B kit when purchasing it.

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