30x40x12 Pole Barn: Some Information You May Need to Know before Building the Barn

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30x40x12 Pole Barn

Are you planning to build 30x40x12 pole barn? Interestingly, these days there is something like DIY pole barn. That doesn’t mean you will make your pole barn from scratch. It means that you will customize your pole barn according to your preferences. That also includes the size of your barn. Pole barn itself is a type of construction that combines both adaptability and efficiency.


What is a pole barn?

You may have not understood yet what pole barn is. Pole barn is a type of barn building constructed with posts that are buried few feet into the ground as foundation for the entire barn. As earlier mentioned, using this kind of foundation can be much efficient and less money to spend, too since you don’t have to spend money to build concrete foundation.


Why build a pole barn?

If you have unused household items, cars, equipment, or maybe some horses, then you can build pole barn to store all those. You can also make the barn as your workshop, hobby shop – literally anything you can think of. Although the name is ‘barn’, it doesn’t limit itself to be only occupied by horses or cows.

30x40x12 Pole Barn

What are the advantages?

  • Cost saving
    If you are short of budgeting, it’s not a bad idea to consider choosing this type of construction. Why is using a post-frame construction can save you from a rip-off? First, let’s refer to the above first point. Post-frame construction can save you from building a concrete foundation.The second reason is about its feature to use less wood to complete the building. This is because pole buildings have intensive framing already to strengthen the building itself. So, for completing and closing wall spaces, you’ll need less wood – so this means less cost.
  • Less time spent
    Building a pole barn will require less time especially if you buy a pole barn kit. Either building your 30x40x12 pole barn yourself or having a team to arrange it for you, you can get your barn sooner.


What’s the price?

Talking about pricing is something very fundamental while constructing a building. If you plan to have yourself a 30x40x12 pole barn kit, it actually depends on its size. 30x40x12 barn is considered to be a medium one, so for the basic kit usually that will take around $9,000-$20.000. Additional services, optional items, design requests, as well as regional material prices can play a role in the price difference.

In conclusion, you must know first what your barn is used for as well as your budget. Then, preparing a land big enough for the pole barn is also essential. In many cases, building permission is also essential to have, especially if you build it not in your own land. Then after things are set, you can get yourself that 30x40x12 pole barn.

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