30×40 Concrete Slab Cost: How Much Is it and what Additional Services You Can Get?

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Concrete Slab Cost

Looking for 30×40 concrete slab cost online? Good shout – it’s a smart way not to get overly charged. Now that you are here, find out how much you should spend money in order to get the concrete slab. You will see various prices in many internet pages, but the difference isn’t that far.

Before knowing what price is charged to get a 30×40 concrete slab, it’s best to know what concrete slab is beforehand. To be said brief, a concrete slab is a structural element for modern buildings.

This consists of a horizontal and flat surface made of cast concrete. This structural element is typically used to make floors, roof decks, and ceilings. It is supported by beams, walls, columns or simply placed on the ground. Typical concrete slab is several inches thick and to be properly used, it requires to be supported by those aforementioned materials.

Now back on to the topic. How much does 30×40 concrete slab cost? It turns out that the range per square foot of concrete slab differs at $5.35 to $6.17 on average. In the seller you are going it can be higher, lower, or maybe just within that range; just like a source mentioning that the slab costs around $4 – $8.

So, let’s turn on the calculator and see how much 30×40 concrete slab costs. If we take the average cost of $6.00 per square foot, then the price will be around $5,400 for 1,200 square feet width. Keep in mind that the price range varies depending on the per-square-foot price. So, referring to the highest price slab per square foot, you may be subject to paying $7,200 for the slab.

How could the same product be ranging in price? There are various aspects to consider when you decide to purchase the concrete slabs. Some of them will include:

  1. Under slab vapor barrier, which costs.50 per square foot.
  2. Wire mesh in replace of fiber mesh, add .35 per square foot.
  3. Thicker edges, add up to $2.00 per square foot.
  4. Under-slab 2-inch Styrofoam, costs around $2.00 per additional foot.
  5. Pump truck, especially if the concrete truck cannot reach, which costs around $900.00

So that is some information about the cost of concrete slab. If you want to purchase a concrete slab, you will be required to do a survey to find a provider which is suitable to your budget. However, you should consider any additional services that come as one package with the quoted 30×40 concrete slab cost.

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