There are many people who are worried about their cat vomiting undigested food. In fact, what really happen to the cat? This will be the main topic here, so you better pay attention if your cat is in this situation. As the preliminary overview, vomiting can be caused by disease of upper intestinal and stomach. It is the first cause for cat vomiting. Yet, the diseases of other organs can be another cause of vomiting. If you find the cat is vomiting and it is even chronic one, you must be aware of it. In order to help you knowing more about this case, let’s check the information below.

As mentioned earlier, it is dangerous when the cat vomiting undigested food. Preventing it gets worse, it is best to know things that are related to this case. Let’s get started from the symptoms.

There are things that are included in the cat vomiting, such as the expulsion, heaving, and retching. The expulsion is in form of food that's partially digested. In fact, it can be more serious if you find blood in your cat vomit. It indicates ulcer or even cancer. It can be sadder when the cat keeps vomiting even though the stomach is already empty.

In some cases, is it okay when the cat throwing up food but acting normal? The answer is not, of course. Although they just look fine, you need to bring the cat to a vet if they keep vomiting. Dehydration and malnutrition are the first things that they will feel when keep vomiting. From that moment, their condition will get worse. The light vomiting is caused by several things like hairballs, gluttony, diet, and enzyme deficiency.

In chronic vomiting, the causes are more various. Some of them are gastritis, ulcer, cancer, liver failure, kidney failure, pancreatitis, heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, or inflammatory bowel disease. The diagnosis process may not be a short process. Once you find the cat keeps vomiting, bring it to a vet to get diagnosed.

Determining the cause of the vomiting is not that simple. A vet needs some times to diagnose your cat. Therefore, it is best to notice the cat condition. What you can help is to give the complete background of the cat and how the pattern of its vomiting. The treatment for cat vomiting undigested food can involve surgery, dietary changes, prescription, antibiotics prescription, and corticosteroids.