Is It Dangerous if Cat Throwing Up Undigested Food Hours After Eating?

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cat throwing up undigested food

Is your cat throwing up undigested food? Well, most cat owners have witnessed their cats doing so for at least once or twice. Generally, throwing up or vomiting is never considered to be a good sign. It is probably the sign that something is not right with the cat’s health or digestive system. When your cat is throwing up its whole foods not too long after eating them, what does it mean?

One of the most common reasons why cat is vomiting whole food is the fact that it eats the food too fast. Eating too fast means less chewing and the foods get swallowed wholly. Besides, it can cause more air to enter the throat and fill in the stomach of the cat. This is why cat throwing up digested food after eating can happen so many times.

The air causes the cat to feel bloated and at some points, it will vomit and the whole, undigested foods the cat just ate come out as well. When this happens, of course the cat will feel so uncomfortable and they will feel hungry as well because they do not get to fill their stomach with food. To stop this vomiting, you need to make sure that the cat is slowing down the gobbling when you feed it.

To do that, you need to feed the cat in piece. Cats tend to eat rapidly when they are surrounded by people or the situation around it is hectic and noisy. Feed your cat in solitude. Make sure the cat is uninterrupted when it eats the meal. That way, the cat will surely eat slower. It enjoys its meal and has the time to chew the meal properly.

If it is difficult for you to give solitude to the cat, you can split the meal in smaller portions. When cat is given meal in smaller portion, it tends to eat it slowly, just to savor the meal. After your cat finish the first small bowl, give the next bowl and so on until the entire meal is consumed. It will prevent cat throwing up undigested food after eating.

That is basically the information that you need to know about cats vomiting undigested food. In conclusion, it is not dangerous. If the vomiting is not followed by other symptoms, such as diarrhea and loss of appetite, it basically means that your cat is just eating up too fast. However, if your cat throwing up undigested food too many times, you probably want to take it to the vet and have everything checked for prevention.

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