1920’s Craftsman Bungalow House Plans: Its History and What Differs them from others

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It is not easy to look away from 1920’s craftsman bungalow house plans. With its unique, antique looks, it can be a perfect ground zero for a family house. Despite many contemporary house designs coming these days, choosing craftsman bungalow house plan to work with your own house may not go wrong. If you are a person that respects simplicity, this house plans may become one of your top-list of home designs. Check out what the plan emphasizes below.


Where does this design rooted from?

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The traditional design of 1920’s craftsman bungalow house plans rooted from the Art and Crafts movement during the late 19th century in England, to the early 20th century of America. During these years, the movement encouraged the use of simple materials as well as highly appreciated the work of artistry, especially for hand-crafted woodwork and masonry. As a result, you may see that this design use wood and stones intensely.


What things are emphasizing the design?

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From outside, the craftsman house has eminent exterior characteristics, such as the low-pitched roofs, usually coming with wide roofing eaves. Some houses may come with decorative brackets and exposed rafters.

Another notable look will also include the front porches coming with stone supports and thick and tapered columns. The front porch is commonly found as covered, and most of this kind of house has pillars lining the entrance. Many windows provide decent lighting for the house which may tend to be dark due to wood as its main materials.

Also, usually one will find double windows – the ones with separate panes – attached in both top and bottom of the house. Single and protruding dormers are found usually with or without different color of wall paint.



As for the interior, 1920 craftsman style house plans may have many open spaces. It means few partitions are used for communal rooms, such as kitchen, dining room, and also the living room.

Window seats are the next notable feature of this house style. Sometimes, the house can also come with many nooks filled with books and even a little bed. Fireplaces are eminent, and it can be found easily. Also, just like the exterior, countless use of natural materials is noticeable, especially wood. Stones are common too, but it has less appearance in the house interior.

Despite its antiqueness, the house plan might not be resistible by many people even in this modern time. Its charming architectural details could elegantly attract new house owners to style their houses as one. The popularity of 1920’s craftsman bungalow house plans may not go away even in many years to come, so why not try to design your house like that?

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