16×40 Shed House Advantages that Everyone Should Know

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16x40 Shed House Advantages that Everyone Should Know

16×40 shed house is considered as small, trendy living space that most people choose these days. It is believed that live in a tiny space is more efficient in many ways. That is why they are loved. You can read more about the advantages of living in a small shed house on the information down below. It will help you understand that the small shed is more than a tiny living space.


  1. It’s More Cost Efficient

When you take a look at most 16×40 shed house plans, you will notice that they are basically so small. They have single or two rooms at most. The cost for building a small house like this won’t cause your saving to drain. The average price for shed house of this size is around $8,500-$9,000 only. Yes, with under than 10 grand, you can already buy a house, albeit small.


  1. Minimal Maintenance

The best thing about living in a 16×40 shed house is that the house requires less maintenance. You do not have to worry about the upkeeps and fixing things here and there. They are so minimum when it comes to the maintenance. The key of living in small shed like this is simplicity and thus the house needs less things to take care of.


  1. Free Initial Building Cost

When you want to build a building, like a regular building with medium to large size, there are tons of building costs that you will have to think about. They are including materials, contractors, permits and so on. Shed houses are most likely ready-to-use and already assembled; making the initial building cost is like zero.


  1. Takes Up Less Space

If you love simplicity and you do not even like consuming lots of space, shed house is your best choice of living space. It is considerably very small and it won’t need vast, massive land or yard to use. Surely it will help those who live in limited space, including those who own very small land and want to have a house built on it.

Those are the explanations related to why shed house in the size of 16×40, or even smaller, can be used as a comfortable living space, too. This is the reason why you do not have to worry about purchasing expensive large house. Small houses made out of sheds are just perfect. The 16×40 shed house is comfortable for everyone.

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