16×40 Finished Cabin and the Things You Should Know Before Purchasing One

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16x40 finished cabin

Thinking of having a 16×40 finished cabin to spend the holiday out the house? Or having one to be rented out? Whatever your purpose is, it’s very enjoyable to have a finished cabin, especially if you have it yourself. It’s a great investment too especially if your place is a touristy area. These days there are many finished cabin builders offering their services. To summarize their offerings, see the explanation below.


Basic use of finished cabin

Well, finished cabin doesn’t have to be a retreat house only. You can use your finished cabin for many purposes. Having your workshop there can also be the case. Maybe a guest house, why not? Some even rent it out for hunters or workers’ camp. In this case, having a finished cabin can give you a decent amount of return, which can be your additional source of finance.


Shell or finished cabin?

You can choose shell cabin if you want to complete the interior building as per your preferences. For cheaper price you can also opt this. However, if compared to finished cabin pricewise, finished cabin offers better. Finished cabin will be equipped with basic furniture, plumbing system, and even if you wish – a smartly-designed second story, mostly used as a bedroom.


What can be the facilities one will get from a finished cabin?

There are many, and things listed below are only some of them:

  • Electrical package
  • Bathroom combined with shower, water heater, sink, etc.
  • Pantry and kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchenette – with microwave, sink, two-burner stove
  • Bedroom(s) along with its closets.
  • Air-conditioner

These facilities may differ for each provider. Following it is their different pricing.


Customized finished cabin

Feel free to select the facilities installed to your future 16×40 finished cabin. You can add or dismiss certain things. You can also ask the builders to have your cabin paint the cabin or install something different than the thing mentioned in the package for more delightful end-result. They will count the price for you.



This point is the most essential thing to know. All cabins will be price differently according to its size, materials used, and also the facilities. As an example, for shell cabins (16x16x18, 2-story cabin), it starts from around $15,000. Some may offer cheaper.

For 16×40 finished cabins price, as there are furnishings and other complimentary stuffs, the price is higher. The price differs, starting from $28,000 to more than $50,000.

You can find many cabin providers these days. One thing you should always remember is to meticulously check what facilities are provided for the money amount charged; don’t forget to read people’s review for the provider/builder’s work. Don’t hesitate to ask even a trivial thing and evaluate them for their professionalism while giving their service. Hopefully this article will be useful before you proceed to purchase your 16×40 finished cabin.


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