120 Inch Wide Pinch Pleat Drapes with Attractive Design for Home Decoration

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Pinch Pleat Drapes

Several designs are related to 120 wide pinch pleat drapes. You may choose one of them as curtain for your window. In order to find the right one, few things are necessary to understand. For more exploration, the next section will give comprehensive explanation about this topic.

Pinch pleat top and curtain size

Pinch pleat is useful top for the drape. It makes simple installation when you need quick decoration. You can rely on this one for new room. On the other hand, curtain size is something you cannot forget. As usual, room darkening needs curtain with high filtration. The room will be dark because no light will penetrate from outside area. Usually, you can put extra cover with smooth filtering during daylight. The size of 120 wide is considered enough for regular window. You can buy this one at store at fixed size. The custom order is also available, and customers may choose the size based on what they need.


Design and product detail

The product detail includes material for drapes. Most of products rely on polyester due to high durability and compatible to regular utilization. Well, keep in mind this curtain is for indoor window, and the material should be compatible with area where the drapes are installed. For style, you have many options depending on the room theme and decoration style you choose. Simple and plain color is the most favorable one. Moreover, plain color does not have extra pattern, but still capable for room darkening. The color is mild and slightly dark to prevent any light to come inside easily. For more attractive style, some 120 wide pinch pleat drapes have ornamental, floral, nature, and geometric pattern. Just keep the room in simple and elegant style when you add pinch pleat drapes.


Installation and maintenance

12-inch wide curtains use usual installation process. You need holder and then put the drapes directly. Certain curtain bars have double handler for more than single drapes. You can choose this one if needing double layer for window. The curtains consist of smooth shades next to the window and extra layer as pinch pleat drapes. The maintenance is not much difficult since indoor installation will have less issue. When you see stains and dirt, just remove it directly with clean towel. Regular maintenance only makes the drapes to be in proper appearance.

The curtain with pinch pleat is suitable for room with modern and contemporary decoration. It is quite big, but compatible to window. Moreover, you can choose the design and pattern that’s capable to boost 120 wide pinch pleat drapes to be elegant appearance.

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