Infamous 10050 Cielo Drive Floor Plan Full Information

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10050 Cielo Drive Floor Plan, the Mesmerizing Crime Scene Spot 1

The information about 10050 Cielo Drive floor plan is still sought by a lot of people these days. The house is incredibly famous for becoming the location of one of the most heartless murder cases in the world: the Tate Murders. People probably want to know its floor plan because they want to copy its grand architecture and design. For those who are so interested in the house and its unique yet terrifying circumstances, here is more information about the house.


About the House

The house was a grand mansion-like resident with French architecture. It was really massive and covered almost 3 acres of land. The house was completed by fireplace made out of stone, grand paned windows, beamed ceilings, and massive garage. The house also had swimming pool, guest house, and large living room completed by a loft above it. It was completed in 1942 and back then, the house was certainly one of the kinds.


About the Tate Murders

One of the reasons why the 10050 Cielo Drive floor plan is still sought is because of the Tate Murders. It happened in 8 August 1969 where the infamous killer cults The Mason “Family” killed five people in the house, including actress Sharon Tate, who was 8 ½-months pregnant at that time. The murder was one of the most shocking case happened in Hollywood at that time and the house became prominent.


The House Today

Today, the house is no longer there. In 1994, the house was demolished and completely removed from the ground. The 10050 Cielo Drive demolition was done because there would be a new house that was about to be built in that side. The house is then called the Villa Bella. It gets the address of 10066 Cielo Drive. The new house resembles nothing like its infamous predecessor. The constructor of the new house denied the speculation that the old house was demolished because of the Tate Murders.

Based on the information above, it is clear that the house does not exist anymore. It was certainly demolished more than 25 years ago. However, the horrible story about the murder committed inside the house won’t fade away. That is why the house is still very famous these days and people are interested in anything about it, including about the 10050 Cielo Drive floor plan. They probably want to know what exactly the house looked like back then.

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